Surveying and Levelling PDF Free Download

Published Date: October 1994

Author Name: N. N. Basak

This book is the useful book in any field of engineering because it is the research in a field of engineering and leveling is also a basic idea for engineering without this two main points any student not to work well for engineering. This book was Written by N. N. Basak in 1994 with good and their sharp mind, Nowadays this book is the best book for civil and other engineers. You can get this book from here with the easy and simple method. Download this book From our Site: Civil engineering PDF.

Surveying and Levelling Features:

  • This book is the basic and important idea for students.
  • Surveying and leveling make a work easy for any students.
  • You can get this book on my site with easy method.
  • You can know about all engineerings field.
  • This one is the best book for any field of engineerings.

Surveying Quiz No 4.


Surveying and Levelling PDF Free Download:

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