Published Date: 2005

Author Name: Steven Brindle

One of the great minds of the 19th century, Isambard Kingdom Brunel was responsible for some of the most impressive engineering feats of his day. By the age of 26, he had been appointed chief engineer of the Great Western Railway, linking Bristol to London. His love of steamships led him to build a series of revolutionary vessels, including Great Britain—the first steamship to cross the Atlantic. Illustrated with a wealth of blueprints, drawings, and rare photographs, this new biography tracks the life and achievements of this Victorian-era genius. A fascinating portrait of ambition and innovation, Brunel provides ample evidence to support the claim that Brunel was indeed “the man who built the world.” Download this book right now from our site: Civil engineering pdf

Brunel: The Man Who Built the World Features:

  • This book was depended on a story of Brunel which was great to build the world.
  • Brunel love of steamships led him to build a world in a series of revolutionary vessels.
  • His love is to create the steamships which cross the Atlantic.
  • This Book is a story of Brunel.
  • You can find many reasons related to this topic.

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