Design of Concrete Structure PDF & eBook

Design of Concrete Structures

Design of Concrete Structure is an easy way for civil students. This book is one of the best experience by the publisher and give this book amazing look with high and easy words. The Design of Concrete Structures -study path offers students a comprehensive learning opportunity for engineering practices in concrete structures and also to get a theoretical competence required in Finland for designing exceptionally demanding concrete structures.

This study path also gives students the possibility of learning to use contemporary design software. Design of Concrete Structures PDF: The fifteenth edition of the classic text, Design of Concrete Structures, is completely revised using the newly released 2014 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Building Code.

This new edition has the same dual objectives as the previous editions: first to establish a firm understanding of the behavior of structural concrete, then to develop proficiency in the methods used in current design practice. Download this book From our site: Civil Engineering PDF

Utilizing the 2002 ACI Code, this content covers the conduct and plan parts of cement and gives illustrations and homework issues. It covers strut-and-tie models and displays the essential mechanics of auxiliary cement and strategies for the plan of an individual for twisting, shear, torsion, and pivotal power.

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Design of Concrete Structure Features:

  • Each section has been refreshed to represent the revamping of the 2014 American Concrete Institute Building Code.
  • Another part of securing to concrete is incorporated.
  • Apart from on dividers has been included, multiplying the scope and including outline illustrations.
  • Diaphragms are incorporated out of the blue.
  • The way toward creating building outline and the association between the parts in the content and the ACI Code is included.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Materials

Chapter 3: Design of Concrete Structures and Fundamental Assumptions

Chapter 4: Flexural Analysis and Design of Beams

Chapter 5: shear and diagonal tension in Beams

Chapter 6: bond, Anchorage, and Development Length

Chapter 7: Serviceability

Chapter 8: Analysis and Design of Torsion

Chapter 9: Short Columns

Chapter 10: Slender Columns

Chapter 11: Analysis of Indeterminate Beams and Frames

Chapter 12: Analysis and Design of One-Way Slabs

Chapter 13: Analysis and Design of Two-Way Slabs

Chapter 14: Walls

Chapter 15: Footings and Foundations

Chapter 16: Retaining Walls

Chapter 17: Strut-and-Tie Models

Chapter 18: Design of Reinforcement at Joints

Chapter 19: Concrete Building Systems

Chapter 20: Seismic Design

Chapter 21: Anchoring to Concrete

Chapter 22: Prestressed Concrete

Chapter 23: Yield-Line Analysis for Slabs – Online Chapter

Chapter 24: Strip Method for Slabs – Online Chapter

Design of Concrete Structure PDF Download:

Design of Concrete Structures

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