Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Pdf & eBook

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

Water plays an important role in irrigation because, with the help of water, we are saved from big disasters. Water is used for crops for their growth and many other developments. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures: This book is dedicated to the memory of those unknown workers who have lost their lives in the execution of the world’s gigantic water resources project.

Students can get their information from this about irrigation engineering and hydraulic structures. Download the Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Pdf from our Site: Civil Engineering PDF

 Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Features:

  • This book is full of solved equations and definitions.
  • You can get a lot of benefits in your life from this book.
  • In this book, you also studied water comparison with other resources.
  • This book is written in great logical words For understanding to the students.
  • You can download this book from our site: Civil Engineering PDF.

Table of Contents:


  1. Irrigations techniques and quality of irrigation water.
  2. Water requirements of crops.
  3. Canal Irrigation System.
  4. Sediment transport and design of irrigation channel.
  5. The lining of irrigation canals and the economics of lining
  6. Reclamation of water-logged and Saline soil for agricultural purposes.
  7. Hydrology and runoff computations for the design of hydraulic structures across rivers and streams.
  8. River their behavior, control, and training.
  9. Diversion head works.
  10. Hydraulic jumps and their usefulness in the design of irrigation structures.
  11. Theories of seepage and design of weirs and barrages.
  12. Canal falls.
  13. Regulator Modules and miscellaneous canal structures.
  14. Cross drainage works.
  15. Construction of culverts and small road bridges across drains and canals.
  16. Groundwater Hydrology and construction of well and tube wells.
  17. Dams in general and a few dams in a particular.
  18. Reservoirs and planning for dams reservoirs
  19. Design and construction of gravity dams.
  20. Earthen dams and rockfill dams.
  21. Spillways, Energy dissipators, and spillways gates.
  22. Outlet Works through dams and river intakes.
  23. Pressure conduits.
  24. Hydroelectric power.
  25. River navigation.
  26. Tank irrigations.
  27. Arch and buttress dams.
  28. Irrigation revenue and rates.
  29. Chapterwise multichoice objective questions.
  30. Test papers on objectives questions.
  31. important information to students on UPSC and conventional questions of past year.
  32. Objective questions of services engineering exams.
  33. Objectives questions of AMIE Exams.
  34. Bibliography.
  35. index.

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures Pdf :

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

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