Structural Engineering Handbook PDF Free Download

Published Date: 1968

Author Name: Edwin Henry Gaylord

This book was the best experience book and written by Edwin H. Gaylord which is updated to includes many topics with the latest design, developments, standard specification, and codes. The member of the design of structural steel has revised this book to confirm 1989 ASD and 1993 LRFD specifications. This book includes the latest design on bridges will include latest AASHTO specifications. In this book earthquake, the resistant design will be expanded in great description. This book includes new modern design for the bridge in this book. Download this book right now from our site: Civil engineering pdf

Structural Engineering Handbook Features:

  • From this book, you can get a new modern design for bridges.
  • This book is with the latest designs, developments, standard specifications, and codes.
  • This book is written for the latest design such as bridges.
  • This book was a great experience for engineering students.
  • Structural Engineering Handbook was updated for the new design.

Table of contents:

  1. Structural Analysis.
  2. Computer Applications in Structural Engineering.
  3. Earthquake-Resistant Design.Fatigue
  4. Brittle Fracture and Lamellar Tearing.
  5. Soil Mechanics.
  6. Soil Exploration.
  7. Retaining Structures and Foundations.
  8. Design of Steel Structural Members.
  9. Plastic Design of Steel Frames.
  10. Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structures.
  11. Design of Aluminum Structural Members.
  12. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structural Members.
  13. Design of Prestressed-Concrete Structural Members.
  14. Design of Composite Members.
  15. Masonry Construction.
  16. Timber Structures.
  17. Arches and Curves Steel I-Girder Bridges.
  18. Buildings-General Design Considerations.
  19. Industrial Buildings.
  20. Tall Buildings.
  21. Thin-Shell Concrete Structures.
  22. Suspension Roofs.
  23. Reinforced-Concrete Bunkers and Silos.
  24. Steel Tanks.
  25. Towers and Transmission Pole.
  26. Buried Conduits.
  27. Chimneys.

Structural Engineering Handbook PDF Free Download:


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