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Structural engineer pocket

The massively valuable Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book is presently redesigned and reconsidered in accordance with the Eurocodes. It shapes an exhaustive pocket reference management for expert and understudy basic designers, particularly those taking the IStructE Part 3 exam. With stripped-down fundamental material―tables, information, realities, formulae, and guidelines of thumb―it is straightforwardly usable for conspiring plans by basic designers in the workplace, on travel, or on location. Read the features of this book and download it from our site: Civil Engineering PDF

It unites information from a wide range of sources and conveys a minimal wellspring of employment streamlining and efficient data at a reasonable cost. It goes about as a dependable first perspective for data that is required once a day.

Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book Features:

  • This book provides the Eurocode version of the bestselling Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book.
  • covering the four main construction materials: steel, concrete, masonry, timber, plus other main materials.
  • Brings together critical data, tables, facts, and formulae from many sources.
  • This book includes the most commonly needed information for everyday work.
  • Serves as a time saving and affordable, first point of reference for structural and civil engineers.

Table of Contents:

1: General Information
2: Statutory Authorities and Permissions
3: Design Data
4: Basic and Shortcut tools for Structural Analysis
5: Geotechnics
6: Timber and Plywood
7: Masonry
8: Reinforced Concrete
9: Structural Steel
10: Composite Steel and Concrete
11: Structural Glass
12: Building Elements, Materials, Fixings and Fastenings
13: Useful Mathematics

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