Published Date: 1979

Authors Name: Metcalf Eddy, George Tchobanoglous

This book is one of the best and great concepts for students about the wastewater. This book was written in easy word and is easy for a student to read this book well. This book includes great chapters with the logical words and every problem have a reason.The key to the book is its balanced coverage and this book has all problem solved with great examples. You can find all the problems which are related to this book topics.Download this book from our site: Civil engineering pdf. Also, read features and table of contents.

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment, Disposal, and Reuse Features:

  • You can find all those problems which were you faced in engineering.
  • This book is the great method for students.
  • Thi book provides great topic such as  Wastewater Engineering: Treatment, Disposal, and Reuse.
  • The arrangement of all chapters is well developed in this book.
  • This book was a great concept for students.

Table of contents:

  1. Wastewater Engineering: An Overview. Wastewater Flowrates.
  2. Wastewater Characteristics.
  3. Wastewater Treatment Objective, Methods, and Implementation Considerations.
  4. Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Plant Design.
  5. Physical Unit Operations.
  6. Chemical Unit Processes.
  7. Biological Unit Processes.
  8. Design of Facilities for Physical and Chemical Treatment of Wastewater.
  9. Design of Facilities for the Biological Treatment of Wastewater.
  10. Advanced Wastewater Treatment.
  11. Design of Facilities for the Treatment and Disposal of Sludge.
  12. Natural-Treatment Systems.
  13. Small Wastewater Treatment Systems.
  14. Management of Wastewater from Combined Sewers.
  15. Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse.

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