Building Materials PDF By Duggal, S. K

Building Materials, New Age International 4th Edition

Building Materials, New Age International PDF download is a book written by Duggal. The revised edition has been published and it contains information about manufacturing materials and building.

Physical and mechanical properties of material are explained in the book. Along with that, applications of various materials along with their economics are mentioned. Building Materials and Construction Book S.K. Duggal PDF:  The author has explained everything in a very lucid manner in a sequence.

Building Materials, New Age International PDF  Review:

Building Materials, New Age International PDF free download has an updated coverage of latest materials. To help students and general readers understand concepts better, there are objective questions and exercises present in the book.

building materials 3rd edition pdf

It does not only serve as a textbook for students of the field but also serves as a guide for people in concrete technology. Commonly used materials are described in detail with their basic principles. The author has also mentioned applications of different materials.

Their is extreme focus on durability and strength of materials that are used for building. Then, there is also a topic dealing with factors that affect the properties of materials.

Building Materials, New Age International PDF

Readers will learn the potential causes of defects of materials and how to prevent this from happening.

If you want to learn how to test materials, this book will also explain you how to do that. In recent times, new materials have developed in response to increased demand and need for sustainability.

This book covers all those materials too. Students and professionals who are contractors and engineers will find this book very helpful.


  • Building Materials, New Age International eBook is filled with expanded knowledge of materials science.
  • The updated testing procedures that are used for testing materials these days are also explained in this book.
  • Architects and contractors will find this book very helpful.
  • Materials like clay, stone and wood are present extensively in the book.

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