Introduction to Tunnel Construction PDF Free Download

Publish Date: 2010

Author Names: Nicole Metji, Alfred Stark, and David Chapman

Tunneling provides a robust solution to a variety of engineering challenges. It is a complex process, which requires a firm understanding of the ground conditions as well as structural issues. This book covers the whole range of areas that you need to know in order to embark upon a career in tunneling. It also includes a number of case studies of real tunnel projects, to demonstrate how the theory applies in practice. Download this book Right Now from our Site: Civil engineering pdf 

Construction plays an important role in our life by making it beautiful and gives a lustrous look. Nicole Metji, Alfred Stark, and David Chapman wrote this book very well.

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Introduction to Tunnel Construction Features:

  • Both hard-rock and soft-ground conditions
  • Site investigation, parameter selection, and design considerations
  • Methods of improving the stability of the ground and lining techniques
  • Descriptions of the various tunneling techniques
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Monitoring of tunnels during construction.

Introduction to Tunnel Construction PDF Free Download:

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