Fundamentals of Construction: Estimating and Cost Accounting PDF & eBook

Fundamentals of Construction: Estimating and Cost Accounting PDF download is a book written by Keith Collier. This book talks about cost estimation by different methods, both traditional and recent. You may need to check out: Objective civil engineering pdf It is important to have an estimated cost for a project so that the constructors have a clear view of the […]

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Surveying Principles and Applications 9th Edition Pdf & eBook

surveying principles and applications 9th edition pdf free

Surveying Principles and Applications, Prentice Hall PDF download is a book written by Barry Kavanagh and Tom Mastin. The 8th edition of this book was published by Pearson and is a clear and authentic text dealing with the principles of Surveying. Surveying Principles and Applications, Prentice Hall Civil Eng book pdf download is a guide that students and general readers […]

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Fundamental of Building Construction Materials and Methods PDF by Edward Allen & eBook

Fundamental of Building Construction Materials and Methods PDF

Fundamental of Building Construction Materials and Methods PDF is a book written by Edward Allen and Joseph Iano. This book has all the information you need to understand construction practices and the kind of materials to be used. Fundamentals of Building Construction Materials and Methods PDF: In building terms, it can be said that this book gives an insight into […]

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Foundations of Engineering Geology Pdf & eBook

foundations of engineering geology pdf

The information on the rock mass obtained by this method was very limited. Recently a Swedish company (Hagconsult) has introduced an improvement. Their technique involves lowering a miniature television camera into the hole and examining the rock quality and other properties of the rock mass, including fissures, joints, weathering, and the location of any fault planes. Download the Foundations of Engineering […]

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Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design PDF & eBook

Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design Pdf

Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design details the guidelines, principles, and philosophy needed to produce design documents for heavy civil engineering projects. The interrelationships among contract documents, site characterization, construction documents, and construction cost estimates are explained. This book features numerous examples and illustrations on drawing preparation, specification writing, and estimating construction costs. Download the Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design […]

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Craig’s Soil Mechanics PDF & eBook

This book is a great and clear concept for students in civil engineering fields. You can get all your problems related to soil mechanics. his seventh edition of ‘Craig’s Soil Mechanics’ presents the fundamental principles of soil mechanics and illustrates how they are applied in practical situations. Worked examples throughout the book reinforce the explanations. Download Craig’s Soil Mechanics Pdf […]

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Advanced Soil Mechanics PDF & eBook

Advanced soil mechanics

The book is illustrated with mathematical derivations and clear diagrams, problems, and examples are provided throughout each chapter concludes with a list of references for further in-depth review or research. Advanced Soil Mechanics is valuable not only for upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level students of civil engineering, engineering mechanics, and soil mechanics but also as a reference for professionals working in […]

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Why Buildings Stand Up Pdf & eBook

Why building Stand up

This book was written by Mario Salvadori in 1980. This book is an introduction to buildings method since ancient time. Between a nomad’s tent and the Sears Tower lies a revolution in technology, materials, and structures. Here is a clear and enthusiastic introduction to buildings methods from ancient times to the present day, including recent advances in science and technology […]

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Architectural technology PDF & eBook

Architectural technology, or building technology, is the application of technology to the design of buildings. It is a component of architecture and building engineering and is sometimes viewed as a distinct discipline or sub-category. New materials and technologies generated new design challenges and construction methods throughout the evolution of building, especially since the advent of industrialization in the 19th century. Architectural technology is related to […]

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Fundamentals of Structural Analysis PDF & eBook

fundamentals of structural analysis

This is not to say that a fundamental understanding of structural behavior is not presented or that only computer-based tech­ uniques are given. Indeed, the reverse is true. Understanding structural behavior is an underlying theme and many solution techniques suitable for hand computation, such as moment distribution, are retained. The most widely used method of computer-based structural analysis is the […]

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